Many different words in a wide variety of languages, and even dialects, describe the miraculous work that GOD does in and through the lives of those HE brings to Tauernhof. Through a catalytic encounter with Christ, Tauernhof bible school students, outdoor program participants, interns and staff from around the world are forever changed.

Since 1964, this truly ''mountaintop experience'' in the Austrian Alps has been adventurous!

As Tauernhof is a place where people don’t just come to study, but also to live together 24/7, proper FACILITIES ARE NEEDED, to HOUSE, NOURISH, TEACH and TRAIN students and guests.

Hosted MORE THAN 50.000 men, women, boys and girls from nearly 50 COUNTRIES   -   Every year MORE THAN 2.500 students and guests from over  25 COUNTRIES

8-week and 12-week Spring and Fall Bible Schools
Summer alpine adventure camps (including 5-week Upward Bound mountaineering program)
15 different Winter snow sports camps

After evaluating all identifiable options, the only feasible solution is to rebuild 95% of the current 3-story Main House to properly update and expand our kitchen and dining facilities, provide ensuite accommodations, and enhance and enlarge fellowship areas. This much-needed undertaking, will be the single largest project in our history and at a budgeted cost of $3.000.000 it will also be the most expensive.

Like all other Torchbearers Centers with which we are affiliated in 20 other countries on 4 continents around the globe, Tauernhof is unable to accumulate enough funds solely from our ongoing operations to sufficiently fund our facilities requirements. Therefore, we must periodically, humbly and gratefully with eagerness, seek GOD’s gracious provision for such extra needs through HIS people.

Tauernhof's main house served as a children's orphanage and hospital staff housing in the last 3 Centuries.

''Tauernhof is one of the few places on the planet where christians from diverses cultural backgrounds can come together to gain a Biblical world view and be challenged and equipped to go forth through open doors around the world and boldly live and spread the gospel wherever and to whomever God leads them! It is a place where god is working - and I encourage you to join Him in the work.'' Alan Sears, founder, Alliance Defending Freedom